Running Shoes For Women And Men – ASICS GT-2150

asics gt 2150 runni g shoe pictureWhether you’ve been running for years or this is your first week you need a running shoe which can give your the support, comfort and performance to do your best and this is where the Asics 2150 comes in.

The Asics 2150 is the latest release from the most popular running shoe producer and certainly does not disappoint.

Packed with the latest in running technology these top running shoes will do everything except actually do the run for you themselves. They give your foot the safety and comfort it needs to run as far as your lungs can possibly carry you while preventing any undue injury and looking stylish.

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What makes the Asics GT-2150 So unique?

Asics shoes have always been at the forefront of the running shoes and the asic 2150 is packed with the latest design and features to give you a comfortable run with increased performance.

  • Impact Guidance System (I.G.S)
  • Space Trusstic System
  • ComforDry and mesh
  • DuoMax Support

One key feature in asic shoes is the Impact Guidance System, the IGS use’s linked componenets to increase your foots gait from heel to toe. This improves your balance making your running sessions smoother and easier without putting strain on your feet. This is what the Asics 2150 are all about, improving your performance, health and comfort while maintaining durability and style.

The space trusstic system in the asics gt 2150 gives your foot flexibility within the sole of the shoe to prevent discomfort and allow the shoe to fit your foot “like a glove” as many have said. The asics 2150 are designed to be comfortable and lightweight and were specifically designed with running in mind.

The ComforyDry sock liner combines with the mesh system of the shoe itself to provide proper ventilation while running. This prevents your feet from developing a heat rash, becoming too sweaty and uncomfortable and removes the need to constantly clean your running shoes. Your feet need to be able to breath and a shoe which is properly designed to accommodate this is a lot more comfortable.

While many running shoes provide support by just strengthening the cuff of the shoe, the Asics 2150 have actually got a unique lacing system while gives you the support you need while still being comfortable.

But, for me at least, the key feature is the DuoMax modsole system. Many inferior running trainers simply provide support at the heel and toe of the shoe and while this is good, to really take the strain of your ankles, knees and hips Asics shoes support the midsole of your feet as well. The real sign of a good running shoe is how comfortable it is to run for long periods in and this is where the Asics 2150 really shine over the alternatives.

Shoes that take care of your feet like this can prevent damage being done to your feet and lower joints (such as your ankles and knees) both in the short and long term while still improving your performance. As an addition, the Asics 2150 are built to be durable and keep going as long as you keep running.

If you’re swapping over to running shoes for the first time then you might want to wear the Asics 2150 for a few hours around the house at least before you go for a run.

They’re designed to distribute your balance in a way that normal shoes don’t need to and this might seem a little strange at first so you’ll want to give yourself a little time to get used to it and it helps ‘break’ your Asics 2150 in a bit and get them used to the fit of your foot.

Asics 2150 Reviews

Reviews for the Asics 2150 have been astounding. All asics running shoes have been greated with great reviews from the asics gel nimbus 12 to the asics gel kayano 15 but with a full 5 star rating the Asics gt 2150 have been a hit. From awards to reviews on sites and forums to magazines and online stores, the Asics 2150 have failed to disappoint. You don’t need to take my word for it though, click on the link below to check out the Asics 2150 on Amazon and you can see the positive reviews left by previous customers.

Runners who had to quit due to ankle or knee problems are able to run again. People suffering from foot pain using a pair of asics sneakers because they’re more comfortable then shoes that were specifically designed for their problem. Runners and joggers of varying degrees seeing increased performance and comfortability including many world class athletes sponsored by Asics.

I would suggest a pair of the asics 2150 to anyone who is either looking to get started or who has been at it for years, although you probably already know about Asics by now considering they’re a leading brand and they won the shoe of the year award from the Runners World International 2010.